How To Know He Is Husband Material | 17 Things To Look For

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How do you tell if a man will be a good husband?

What makes a man marriage material?

What is the difference between husband material and boyfriend material?

How could someone be a good boyfriend but not a good husband?

Most importantly, how do you find out if your boyfriend, or the man you date right now, is a marriage-oriented guy?

Is He Husband Material?

Okay, let me be that person who says that a girl starts dating with the idea of finding a husband sooner or later.

There’s nothing wrong with that, and there’s no need for the men reading this to freak out.

Our biological clock runs differently, and we are allowed to get busy looking for that man who will love and support us, and we will do the same for him.

Therefore, once in a relationship with a guy, we start asking ourselves, “Do I see this guy as a good husband? How would marriage with him look like?”

This post will list 17 ways to know if your man is marriage material and how to make a difference between a boyfriend material and husband material.

Yep, there’s that!

Let’s get to work and give you the answers you need.

How To Know He’s Husband Material

He looks like husband material. Is he really that good?

17 qualities that make a gu a good husband material. Basically, we answer your question if he is the one for you, your perfect match, and your soulmate.

1. A Good Husband Material Is Not Afraid To Commit

Firstly, he wasn’t afraid to get into an exclusive relationship with you.

Secondly, he wasn’t afraid to commit to a serious relationship that requires deeper communication and feelings of another level.

When a guy is openly committing himself to your relationship, and you don’t feel like dragging him with you from one level of the relationship to another, it means he is ready for the next serious step in life.

2. You Are On The Same Page

Yes, that’s actually a very crucial sign he is marriage material.

You both want the same things in life, and you feel like you’re on the same page with how and where things go.

There’s no need to tell you how far you’d go if he wanted to live a nomadic life, traveling from one country to another, exploring the world, and feeling free from any responsibilities.

Your dream is to find a nice cottage house in the middle of nowhere and raise five children.

I know, a bit dramatic, but you get the point.

3. He is Stable

Your future husband needs to be standing on his own feet!

He knows his worth, he has goals, and most importantly – he works on those plans.

Now, there’s one thin line between the guy who is already on the path of achieving his goals and the guy who still plans to succeed and achieve a lot.

Both of them might be equally good boyfriends, but the guy who still plans and is at the beginning of his professional path is more likely to stay away from marriage, for now.

Most men want to enter marriage, offering stability, and feeling confident they can handle almost anything that comes their way. When a guy is at the beginning of that path, he is still unsure of his whereabouts and won’t commit to the marriage unless he gets to the next level.

4. He keeps his promises

You know that you shouldn’t consider a man even as a boyfriend if he’s not keeping his promises.

But your guy isn’t like that.

He keeps his promises, he stands behind his words, and he rarely needs to find excuses why he couldn’t do something he said he would.

5. He Walks The Talk

Husband material is a guy who makes things happen.

Do you know those people who are just Talkers?

They present you with loads of ideas, explain each one of them’s benefits, have goals, dreams, and start working on them… one day.

But not today.

If your man is actually working on his ideas, if he’s not just spending his time planning but is executing too, it means he is probably husband material.

6. He is Independent But Not Too Independent

Of course, we all must be independent adults.

But your guy isn’t afraid to let you into his world and have you look around and find your spot in it.

He isn’t obsessed with his alone-time, his space, or his people. He doesn’t keep you out of it, but instead, he invites you to be part of his world. And he does his best to make you feel welcome.


7. You know you can count on him


If you call him in the middle of the night, he won’t have his phone on silence. He will actually be there for you with no complaints that it’s the middle of the night (as long as you’re reasonable, of course).

You know you can go to him with a problem he’s able to solve, and he will do it because that’s what future husbands actually do!

8. He Actually Communicates

Yes, there’s a difference between being able to talk and being able to communicate.

Your guy communicates with you. He shares thoughts, feelings; he listens and responds to whatever you say.

That’s husband material right here.

9. He is responsible for his actions

Imagine living a life with a person who knows to take responsibility in life

Husband material man is a responsible man.

He doesn’t hide behind excuses; he doesn’t look for a way out. He doesn’t postpone.

It sounds like he doesn’t even exist. But he does, trust me.

One of the best qualities in a man is taking responsibility for his actions, decisions, and choices. A boyfriend might be missing this quality, and you still could be happy with him, but if you want someone by your side for the next 50 years, he better be responsible enough, so your life together is easier and happier.

10. He is actually looking for wife material

In fact, some men intentionally look for wife material.

Just like women are in a search for that perfect-to-marry guy.

Most men know if the girl they date is looking for a fling or is actually into something serious and with potential. If you’re clear of your intentions for getting married in the near future, and he doesn’t ignore you, then he is with you because you’re looking to get married.

He knows you’re perfect for him.

11. He supports your goals


Not only he supports your dreams and goals, but he is doing his best to help you get where you want to be.

He offers to take over some chores, so you have time to work on that important project. He walks the dog so you can have a quiet time to talk to a potential customer.

He doesn’t just support you. He works with you on your goals. He pushes you. He motivates you.

12. He respects you and wants you to respect yourself too

That’s a tough one, probably rare.

But here’s the thing.

It’s not enough for a guy to be respectful with you. A good boyfriend does that.

A husband will stop you from disrespecting yourself; he won’t allow you to ignore yourself, to mistreat yourself. Because they know that if you feel good about yourself, they will be happy too.

13. He plans your future with you

That’s an obvious sign he is husband material.

When a guy stays by your side planning next Christmas, next holiday destination, and next Birthday party, he’s a good boyfriend.

If that guy starts talking of building a home together, buying furniture, and investing in a business – he is husband material. 

14. He listens to your fears

The most liberating thing in a relationship is when you can share your fears with the other

Your boyfriend listens to you when you freak out (without reason, but he’s not brave enough to admit it). He’s there when you’re in doubt of your abilities when you’re fighting your negative emotions when life doesn’t go as expected.

He also assures you that he is by your side and truly stays there until you feel good about your life again.

No, women aren’t babies that need cuddling until they smile again. But a good husband who wants a happy marriage won’t just slam the poor with the words “Fix yourself and then come to talk again!”.

Why would you need someone who makes you feel worse when you’re already down?

15. He doesn’t shut you off his life when you argue

Of course, you argue.

All couples do.

But when you’re done arguing and he didn’t get what he wants, he doesn’t just shut you off his world. He doesn’t hide and ignore you until you change your mind and go to him.

That’s not what an adult does. Your guy might need some time alone to process things, but he is back and trying to get to that happy place you’ve both created for yourselves.

That, my dear, is husband material and a keeper. Don’t let him go away from your life.

16. He allows you to really see him


There are no secrets, no masks between you (pun intended).

He actually opens up in front of you; he allows you to see inside him, to get to know him truly.

It’s hard for a man to do that, but if your guy is doing his best – he is husband material. 

17. He shows you he’s in it for the long run

Your boyfriend isn’t afraid to admit he is actually ready for the serious stuff in life.

He admits he’s husband material and wants to have a family soon.

You really don’t need more signs than that. The only question will be if you want to marry him.

Boyfriend Material Vs. Husband Material


What is the difference, though?

How do you tell if a guy is ok just as a boyfriend?

Here are 7 differences between a boyfriend and husband material.

1. He supports you, but…

He supports you in theory, but he doesn’t take it personally.

Your boyfriend thinks your plans and goals are awesome, but that’s exactly how far he goes in supporting you in your pursuit of happiness.

This doesn’t make him a bad boyfriend, but it definitely won’t make a good husband out of him.

2. He lets you in, but…

He lets you into his world, but you always need permission.

He will always welcome you in his home, but he doesn’t like it when you don’t call prior. It goes for everything else that’s considered “private.”

You feel like he’s happy to have you around, but not unless it’s with his consent.

3. He’s a fun, generous, good guy, but…

Fun and gorgeous, but not husband material

He’s a good guy, but he isn’t ready to settle.

He’s gorgeous as a boyfriend, you have fun, you love spending time with him, he loves you, and you love him, but he isn’t ready to settle.

Don’t wait for him to get to the point to want to settle. Also, don’t try to push him towards being more committed than he is now. Enjoy your relationship with him, but be aware – he is not husband material.

4. He loves being with you, but…

He never crosses certain lines between you two.

You’re close, but you have the feeling there’s always a wall he always pushes in front of you.

He communicates, but you don’t feel like you truly know him.

Your guts are telling you he is not husband material, even if he’s a great boyfriend.

5. He has other plans…

We already mentioned this above, but let me underline it here as many couples completely ignore this.

If you two have different plans and expectations of life, you won’t be fully happy together.

You might be crossing paths right now, but it doesn’t mean you will walk together further.

6. You can count on him, but…


You can count on him having a good time together, but you aren’t sure he’s going to be there for you if you truly need him.

A huge sign a guy is a good boyfriend but not so good husband is when he lacks maturity and responsibility. Keep your eyes open for this one.

7. He is still in search of his true self

Your boyfriend isn’t sure of what he wants in life; he is still searching for meaning in life.

That means that he isn’t sure if he wants to have a family, if he wants to build a career or a business. He isn’t sure if the life he has built truly fits and satisfies him.

He isn’t sure about you.

Yes, he is a wonderful boyfriend. But don’t put your hopes up for having a family with him.

How To Treat Husband Material, So He Actually Makes That Step?

Ok, he is husband material.

He is your soulmate, your true love, and you match together.

How do you nurture a guy like that, and how do you give him the small extra push to take the step into actually marrying you.

No, I’m not talking about manipulating the guy.

But I am talking about knowing what helps your man feel comfortable around you.

I want you to know what your man truly wants and need to see from you to get that last click in his brain and fall on his knee (yes, to actually ask you The Question!)

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